Services and products from Nordic Sports & Event

Nordic Sport & Event is a company that provides services and products to both the Association & Traders. Do you have a new contest - event at once, or to develop an existing one, you should contact us. We provide Office, registration service, web environment, business development, etc.

It is you who are professionals in the contest implementation, and we are good at the other. We also organize their own competitions where Gotland Grand National is the largest we carry. The contest is currently the biggest enduro race in the world.Please contact us for a quote.


Do you have a race or races that need to be developed or may have a new going on, you should contact us. We now work with Stångebro The team is one of Europe's largest enduro competitions and even bicycle race 1572 MTB Challenge appointed to SM both 2017 and 2018. We help with office (mail, phone, etc.), we take care of the registration service, marketing, web, sales and business development.

Conferences - Events - Groups

Contact us for the best experience for your business event or training camp. We organize your entire experience of travel, accommodation and activities. We tailor your experience and the necessary contacts so that you can concentrate on your task, the development team.

Sponsorship - Partnership agreement

We help your business with marketing strategies appear optimal, either nationally or in your region. Let us at Nordic Sport & Event sign contracts, implement and monitor your marketing. With extensive experience in contract and implementation, we make sure you get full value for your efforts.

Rental for event

Contact us if you have a company event, events, family reunion or something else. You can rent tents, flooring, lighting, benches, seat grandstand, stage, stands, etc.

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