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Welcome to our Press & Media page. Here you can apply for a press pass to our various competitions - Event. You can easily fill in the box to the right and submit the application in good time and we will arrange for you with a passport. You can also find press pictures around each competition we are part of.

Press Releases

Press release 2018-09-26 - The best line-up in both Men and Ladies!

GGN press release 2018! The best line-up ever in both Men and Women! With only a month until the 35:th year of Gotland Grand National at Tofta Skjutfält…

SVT Sport - World Stars to Gotland Grand National

SVT Sport - World Stars to Gotland Grand National

Entire Gotland - "3 000 guest nights in May are really good"

Entire Gotland - "3 000 guest nights in May are really good"

GGN ready for a new superserie with 8 countries in total. Brand new venture on enduro in the world!

It is now clear that GGN will be part of this new super series and this means that some of the best drivers in the world will come to GGN and Tofta ...

Gotland Grand National and the future!

The GMF-Speedway Club and FMCK-Gotland associations, together with Nordic Sport & Event AB (NSE), have now reached a consensus on the way forward for ...

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