About us

Nordic Sport & Event is a marketing, event and consulting firm that offers a wide range of services and products. The company was formed in March 2013 and is owned by three companies and two private individuals with extensive experience in a variety of business areas.

In the leading positions we have acquired a broad and deep experience since 30 years in the hospitality industry both in Sweden and abroad, destination development, aerospace & charter industry, retail industry, retail, security and emergency services, advertising and web development, finance, organizational management, directorships and more.

We also run competitions & events such as running, cycling, enduro and golf.
The key words for ourselves, our partners, practitioners and audiences are: CHALLENGES - HEALTH - EXPERIENCES

Business Concept

Nordic Sport & Event creating and developing competitions, events, services and products along with the voluntary sector / industry.

When we set up new ideas and develop existing, we will turn to the voluntary sector / business community that will have a good return on our ideas and participation.

We will work with industry in the Nordic countries, but the local industry will be in focus where we set up operations (B2B). We will inspire cities and regions to participate in the development of this emerging form of tourism.

The owner of Nordic Sports & event AB

iSwe Consult AB, Brand & Sjukvårdsakademien AB, Cousins ​​Kommunikation AB, Juhapekka Pulliainen and Angelica Thomsson.

Nordic Sport & Event AB owns 49% in the Finnish company Nordic Sport & Event OY, where Juhapekka Pulliainen owns 51%.

Contact us

E-mail: info@nordicsportevent.se
Phone: 0498 - 69 12 00
Address: Broväg 10, 621 40 Visby