Being a partner of Nordic Sport & Event

Do you want to be seen with your company along with sports and health and also contribute to the voluntary sector investments in children, adolescents, exercise and elite. Then Nordic Sport & Event perhaps the best partner for your company appear along with and at the same time strengthen your brand within this target group.

By being a partner with us, you contribute to the development of sport in the North. Gotland Grand National is one of our competitions gives about 800.000 kronor to sports associations that work around and on our competitions and events.

Our website has nearly three hundred thousand visitors per year and our students use page notifications, booking travel and accommodation, start lists, results lists and more.

We can then offer our partners visibility on the web for a whole year, market places in our newspapers, exhibition and signage locations at the competition days. We ensure that your company is visible to an active target group.

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Phone: 0498 - 69 12 00
Address: Broväg 10, 621 40 Visby

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