To be a partner for Nordic Sport & Event

Do you want to be seen with your company together with sport and health and also contribute to the association's efforts on children, youth, exercise and elite. Then, Nordic Sport & Event may be the best partner for your company to be seen alongside, while strengthening your brand within this target group.

By being a partner to us, you contribute to the development of sport in the Nordic region. Our competitions generate approximately 500.000 crowns for sports associations working around and on our competitions and events.

Vår hemsida har ca 1 miljon sidvisningar per år där våra deltagare använder sidan för anmälningar, bokning av resor och boende, startlistor, resultatlistor med mera.

market Booklets

Different offers for the various competitions

We can then offer our partners' visibility on the web for a whole year (banner), marketplaces in our magazine / application leaflets, trade fair and placement venues at the competition days, banners, ad space on the website, news releases and more. We make sure your company is looking towards an active target audience.

Läs mer om de olika formaten genom att klicka på de knappen för respektive event.

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Phone: 0498 - 69 12 00
Address: Broväg 10, 621 40 Visby

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