Regler och villkor City Run

Linköping 24 August 2019

Linköpings Löparklubb i samarbete med XCHARX Nordic Sport XCHARX Event AB 556761-0489 (Nedan kallat NSE)

Competition leader: Håkan Löfgren
Start & Goal Manager: Håkan Löfgren
Banchef: Håkan Löfgren

City Run är ett löplopp som kör sitt 2:a år den 24 augusti 2019 i samband med stadsfesten i stan. Välj att springa individuellt en halvmarathon, 10 km eller 5 km. Ungdomsklassen springer även de 5 km på samma bana.
The competition will be sanctioned via the Swedish Friidrottsförbundet.

The course has a start and goal at the SAAB arena but will enter the city to get to know the city's pulse during the city party.

Paid in connection with the application on the website A confirmation email will be sent when the payment is made. The registration is binding immediately after the registration date and can not be handed over to any other competitor. Runners will fill at least 10 years in the current year to participate in the youth class 5 km, 17 half-marathon and the remaining classes.

Men / Ladies class - Half marathon
495 SEK (100 £ discount up to 31 / 12 2018).
Men / Women class -10 km
395 SEK (100 £ discount up to 31 / 12 2018).
Herr / Dam - 5 km
295 SEK (100 £ discount up to 31 / 12 2018).
Youth class (10-14 years) - 5 km
100 SEK
Prices are inclusive of 6% VAT when it is a sports competition.

Distansavtalslagens regler om ångerrätt gäller inte vid köp av anmälningar/biljetter/platser till evenemang. När bokning skett är du som kund bunden av ditt köp. Inga bokningar/ köp kan göras utan förskottsbetalning. Du ansvarar själv för att kontrollera om ett evenemang är inställt. Om ett evenemang ställs in bör Du kontakta oss som arrangör, som ansvarar för frågor om dennes eventuella återbetalning för anmälningar/biljetter/platser. Vid inställt evenemang återbetalas inte administrationsavgiften som är 150 kr. Betald anmälan kan inte överlåtas till annan person. Vi förbehåller oss rätten att makulera din/er anmälan, om du missbrukar våra tjänster, använder falska identitetsuppgifter, bryter mot våra köpevillkor. I dessa fall återbetalas inte någonting av inbetalt belopp.

Var noga med ett ange korrekte e-postadress vid anmälan. Eftersom startbekräftelse, PM och all nödvändig information kommer att skickas ut via e-post. All information finns på hemsidan så inget PM kommer att skickas ut via vanlig post. Startnummer finns i startlistan på hemsidan efter att anmälan stängs den 21 augusti 2019 kl. 24.00. (Om du motsätter dig att få ditt namn publicerat på Internet i start och resultatlistor måste besked om detta skriftligen lämnas till kansliet, se under rubriken kansli).

Current start list will be published and updated as the

Registration deadline
The registration period expires on 21 August 2019 at 24: 00. In case of space, you can sign up on the day of the competition up to 1 hour before starting with the addition of 100.

Possibility of direct registration is available as a place during the competition date 24 August from kl. 08: 00 - 10: 00, with the addition of 100 kr.

* Cancellation insurance costs SEK 50. The entire entry fee refunded on production of a medical certificate. Not valid for travel or accommodation in connection with the competition.
The cancellation insurance can only be taken in connection with the registration. Cancellation insurance 50 SEK (0% VAT). Cancellation insurance is valid if the following occurs.
• Death, illness or accident of a serious nature, affecting your self, husband / wife, partner, your, or their parents, children, siblings or traveling companion.
• call up to military or civil defense.
• The occurrence of a serious event beyond your control, such as extensive fire or flooding in your home, which means that it is not reasonable to demand that you must honor your reservation. You must be able to prove the statements from doctors, government or insurance companies. Certificates received later than 7 days after the cancellation date will not be considered.

INCHECKNING, preliminary
Saturday 24 / 8 from kl. 08: 00 - 10: 00 at the SAAB Arena.

Kl. 10: 35 - Heating
Kl. 11: 00 - Half Marathon
Kl. 11: 05 - 5 km and Youth

The running time is until kl. 13: 30

Timing takes place using EST technology. To measure the time, each runner has a transponder attached around the ankle. Each competitor is responsible for transpondering throughout the competition according to the organizer's reference. Unpaid transponders are invoiced with 250 SEK ink. Subsequent VAT by NSE.

More detailed info will come in sent out by e-mail about 1 weeks before the competition.
● Showers, restrooms and changing facilities are available to the SAAB Arena competitors.
● Refreshments are available along with the track.
● At the finish line, refreshments are available to the contestants.

Healthcare professionals are at the competition during the competition day.

Exhibited environmental sites located on site and to be used.

Results posted on the contest site after the grace period, for each class, as well as on the website. The protest time is 30 minutes after the results list posted. It is each participant's responsibility to monitor their results as above. The result list posted also at the award.

Vid inlämning av transponder får alla tävlande en medalj i utbyte mot tidtagningschippet. Prisutdelning sker i Nordic Sport XCHARX Events regi ca. kl. 13:00 vid SAAB Arena.

The participant in the respective class who, within the stipulated time, first passes the finish line is the winner in the class. All runners receive a memorial medal. Prize money is awarded to the 1, 2 and 3 in semi-marathon class for both ladies and gentlemen. Remaining classes are awarded a medal upon submission of transponder.

Dam and her half marathon classes
1: an - 5 000 SEK
2: an - 1 000 SEK
3: an - 500 SEK
Any taxes are the prizewinner.

● In conjunction with the notification refundable application fee, which can only be done through the website.
● After the notification has been made is your name on the current boot list, which is published on the website.
● A memo is sent to your e-mail ca. a week before the competition, which describes where to find your start number and where you pick up your start envelope.
● Participants can be followed live on the website so everyone can keep track of who leads.
● Scores are directly on the website after the race.

Any cancellations must be done to the office via e-mail

Cancelled Competition
In the event of the contest being set, this is announced on the website of, soon after the competition has made a decision on suspension. Initial start-up fees minus deduction of 150 for administration are refunded. It is up to each participant to keep an eye on whether the event is set or moved.

We reserve the right to cancel the competition at to get participation.

All rights to commercial sale of video films / photos from the competition, subject to Nordic Sport & Event AB. Anyone wishing to buy film and photo rights is asked to contact the NSE's permit and agreement office well in advance of the competition. Written agreement is included for display at check. All other sales within the competition area are prohibited without the permission of the organizer. Written agreement is included for display at check. Through your registration, you give NSE full rights to use the photos and movies taken in the race for marketing purposes. You can also get offers via the email address you provide at the time of registration when we store your personal information in connection with the application.

All participation takes place at the competitor's own risk. Each participant is required to know the competition rules and to follow them. Each participant is obliged to assist other participants who are injured, sick or if they need other emergency assistance or assistance. The person who breaks the contest is required to notify the competition secretariat as soon as possible. NSE and its competition officers and officers disclaim all responsibility for damages, accidents or the like occurring during the competition, as well as during the trip to and from the weather or other force majeure competition.


Nordic Sport & Event följer Datainspektionens regler när det gäller hantering av personuppgifter. Genom din anmälan godtar du att ditt namn registreras och offentliggörs i start- och resultatlistor, bland annat på vår hemsida.

Pictures taken under our arrangements may be used in news articles and ads for our competitions and on our website.

Nordic Sport & Event processes your personal information in order to handle your requests, as well as to create a registration profile. The personal data and registration profile are used to sign up and match you with any prior notification, in order to link your previous statistics to you. The personal data and registration profile are also used to contact you, as well as to communicate information and offers.

In order for us to get an idea of ​​what you are interested in, we use the information you provide. You can at any time choose to no longer receive more information from Nordic Sport & Event by contacting us by e-mail

In order to provide information that we think is interesting to you, Nordic Sport & Event partners in certain cases have the opportunity to use our address book via Nordic Sport & Event. Nordic Sport & Event does not share your personal information with its partners or sponsors. Sponsors and partners for Nordic Sport & Event can send offers via Nordic Sport & Event.

You have the right to access your information, to have them corrected or if you wish, have them deleted. Choosing to delete all your data will delete all previous statistics and history. You are also entitled to receive a copy of your information.

CONTACT For any queries
Address: Nordic sport & Event, Broväg 10, 621 40 Visby
Telephone hours: Monday-Friday 08.15-16.30
Phone: 0498-69 12 00

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