Welcome to Golfa Gotland Runt

Welcome to Golfa Gotland Runt, the 13-17 May 2018

For five glorious spring days in May you can with 640 other golfers take on one of the biggest Golf Tournaments Golfa Gotland Runt. The competition is open to anyone with an official handicap. A, B and C - class and a pair-class there. 2018 year's competition can register for right now.

640 Golfers
Sweden's largest?
5 days
5 courses
closing party

Slite Golf Club

3,5 mil north of Visby is Slite beautiful forest path waiting for you. 18 challenging and beautiful golf hole with some water hazards.

Gumbalde Golf Club

A 18-hole parkland course in Gotland environment. Difficult water hazards and delicate greens. Adjacent to the golf course restaurant and hotel.

Gotska Golf Club

Jack Wenmans 18-hole course is a city near the path that lies at the Visby airport. One relatively open heath course av link character.

when Golf Club

18-hole course on the southeastern island of Gotland, 6 mil from Visby. A "Scottish moorland course" with alternate layout in beautiful genuine Gotland nature near the sea.

Visby Golf Club

Welcome to one of Sweden's most beautiful and best golf courses. We offer ocean view and a scenic experience of all plant 27 holes.

Ljugarn Golf Club

Free play 12 May! Ljugarns golf course is located in eastern Gotland and is a narrow path in the woods that requires game strategy. A perfect warming in front of the competition.

Join the Golfa Gotland Runt

Here you can see some of what's to come on Golfa Gotland Race, one of the largest golf tournaments.

• entered 640
• 5 courses + recording
• golf 5dagar
• One of the largest

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