Vierumaki Grand National - VGN

Second edition of Vierumäki Grand National in Finland, 11-12 May 2018

Vierumäki Grand National, a revolt like Gotland Grand National for all ages and levels. Where you, as a participant during 3 hours, drive as many yards as you can on the newly built track at about 2 miles in Vierumäki. An area only 1,5 hour by car from Helsinki.

VGN offers a beautiful setting and fantastic driving for participants and many public viewing places for fellow travelers. In addition, a party is organized on Saturday for competitors, service teams and families. It will be a great start to the re-season with the second edition of Vierumäki Grand National.

11-12 May 2018
Vierumaki, Finland
The elite in place
3 hours of driving time
The track is 2 mil

elite classes

1: elite, 2: 40 + elite senior and 3: elite youth U23 will start and run together. These classes are also cash prizes to win.

exercise Classes

Exercise classes are the most popular classes with the most participants. For everyone to be able to run on the same terms divided into classes for your particular age.

youth & golden helmet Classes

Enduro world and Vierumäki Grand National's future is in these classes. For all children and young people up to 16 years (golden helmet only for Finnish drivers).

Veteran & El

If you want to run the veteran class starts on Friday and here it is not the age of the driver, but the age of your motorcycle. You having a electric motorcycle can participate in electricity class.

Vierumaki Grand National invites you to dance!

Vierumaki Grand National is an enduro races like the Gotland Grand National for all ages and levels. Where you as a participant in 3 hours to run as many laps you have time on the newly built track in Vierumaki.

• 900 reported
• Drive on 2 miles
• 6 nations

common questions & response

How do I apply?

To sign up, click on the notification and select the course you want to enroll. Then click on establishing new account and fill in your information. A confirmation will be sent out by mail to the specified address immediately after payment has gone through. Note that if you have already made a complaint to a race and want to sign up for a new you also where clicking on establishing new user when the races are separated in the system behind. But feel free to use the same log-in so you easier to remember it all your accounts in the future.

What does it cost?

• Elite and exercise 100 Euro
• Youth and golden helmet 40 Euro
• Electricity and Veterans 60 euros
10% VAT is included because it is a sports competition.

What do I need to participate?

To participate, requires membership in an affiliated club Svemo and a valid license to run. An international license, annual license or temporary license for enduro competition. Your license buy here

I can not log in to my account?

It may be that you might not have an account. Try clicking on setting up a new user account and see if you can create an account with your personal data. If you already made a complaint to a race and want to sign up for a new you also where clicking on establishing new user when the races are separated in the system behind. But feel free to use the same log-in so you easier to remember it all your accounts in the future.

When I try to create the account says that my number is busy.

It may have been that the system name of your Social previously. Contact us at we will help you.

Do I need a license to drive?

Yes, an international license is required to participate. Foreign drivers must hold a valid FIM / UEM license or driver's license issued by their home country federation engine starting conditions. Swedish driver must be licensed with international extensions, price ca. 500 SEK (Svemo). License plate should be in gold. The organizer can not issue temporary licenses for foreign drivers. Participants in Youth Classes, the requirement of guardians as SR Enduro 2.1.6.
Your license buy here

I want to unsubscribe, how do I

You can email the cancellation to us at Have you purchased for cancellation insurance refunded you and if not then you will not get something back for your start-up fee.

Could I Leave it my place to someone else?

What class should I sign up for?

Click on supplementary rules, you will find all the information on which class you enroll.

I want to change something in my application?

You can administer certain information in your application if you log in. But the other change you mail us at with name, social security number / booking number, which bore the case and what change you want to do and we will arrange it.

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