Stångebro team

Den 5-7 juli 2019!

For you they do not know what the race is, the re-race Stångebroslag is a wonderful folk party where everyone gather, drivers, mechanics, families, functionaries and partners and everyone lives almost in the field and the pulse rises for each day the competition continues. On a track that is about 2 mile long. With the classes Elit, Motion, Veteran, Military, Electricity, Youth or Gold Helmet.

5-7 juli 2019
Prästtomta, Linkoping
Included in the Swedish enduro classics
2 700 notified
26 th year

Motions klasser

På Stångebroslaget kan du ta dig an någon av motionsklasserna som är de populäraste. Där delas samtliga deltagare in baserat på sin ålder.

Elit klasser

I elitstarten ingår Elit, Elit Dam, Senior och junior. Här är klasserna för de mer erfarna förarna, samtliga klasser avslutar Stångebroslaget på söndagen.

Golden helmet

I guldhjälmsklassen har vi de allra yngsta deltagarna. Som äldst får man vara 12 år för att delta och klasserna är uppdelade på fredagen och på söndagen.


Stångebroslagets ungdomsklass är för alla förare som är mellan 12-16 år. Det är steget innan man kliver upp i motionsklasserna. Ungdomsklasserna kör på fredagen och är uppdelade i 2 olika klasser.

Join a few laps on Stångebro team

To the left, you can go on the parts of the 2 mil-long course on Prästtomta. Watch, enjoy and sign up for the first race of three in the Swedish Enduro Classic.
• 2700 notified 2018
• 10.000 visitors
• 250 functionaries
• highlight of the summer

FAQ & response

How do I apply?

För att anmäla sig klickar du på anmälan och väljer det lopp du vill anmäla dig till. Klicka sedan på upprätta nytt användarkonto och fyll i dina uppgifter. En bekräftelse skickas ut på mail till angiven mailadress direkt efter att betalning gått igenom. Observera att om du redan gjort en anmälan till ett lopp och vill anmäla dig till ett nytt måste du även där klicka på upprätta nytt användarkonto då loppen ligger separerade i systemet bakom. Men använd gärna samma inlogg så har du enklare att komma ihåg det på alla dina konton i framtiden.

What does it cost?

• Class: 1-11 700 SEK
• Class: 13-16 and 20-23 300 SEK
• Class: 24-26 200 SEK
6% VAT is included because it is a sports competition.

What do I need to participate?

To participate, requires membership in an affiliated club Svemo and a valid license to run. An international license, annual license or temporary license for enduro competition. Your license buy here

I can not log in to my account?

It may be that you might not have an account. Try clicking on setting up a new user account and see if you can create an account with your personal data. If you already made a complaint to a race and want to sign up for a new you also where clicking on establishing new user when the races are separated in the system behind. But feel free to use the same log-in so you easier to remember it all your accounts in the future.

When I try to create the account says that my number is busy.

It may have been that the system name of your Social previously. Contact us at we will help you.

Do I need a license to drive?

Yes, a license from Svemo required to participate. An international license, annual license or temporary license for enduro competition. Your license buy here

I can not choose the class of the notification?

It is because you are in the first stage have chosen the wrong day. The system detects your age from your social and shows only the classes you can participate in. When filling evenly this year, run in the class even though you have not filled in the case of the year your birthday. See the Additional rules for which class you should enroll and the date that your class will run

Could I Leave it my place to someone else?

No, the starting points are personal and can not be transferred to anyone.

I want to unsubscribe, how do I do? (SBS)

For cancellations made before the closing date will be refunded the entire entry fee minus 150 of $ Plus shipping. After completing the race. For cancellations made after the closing date but before the start takes organizer has the right to 150 of $ Plus shipping. Left no cancellation goes to the full entry fee organizer.

How does the seeding?

We seeding after the previous year's result. You will be seeded as for the total placement so even if you change your class this year you will be seeded for your total investment the previous year when we match with your social security number.


  • GPS coordinates

    WGS 84 (latitude, longitude): N ° 58 38.343, E 15 ° 25.724 '
    WGS 84 decimal (latitude, longitude): 58.63905, 15.42874
    RT90: 6501892, 1478138
    SWEREF99 TM 6499940, 524889


Lead partner

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