GGN Training Camp

The camp for those who want to take your redemption to a new level, the 18-19 August 2018 in Falköping.

If you want to be a better reader, GGN Training Camp is the best camp for you. In 2 years, Nordic Sport & Event, together with Enduro School, has conducted GGN Training Camp. A 2-day full-grown training weekend at Falköping Motor Stadium. Here you can test on a surface like Tofta Skjutfält and train with many experienced coaches.

This camp fits all as we divide the participants into different groups depending on experience where you will be able to test on 5 different paths and moments with experienced trainers in the repository. This way you will get an improved performance during your 2 days and get well prepared for Gotland 2018. But even the future re-run, GGN Training Camp will take you to new heights in your run.

18-19 August 2018
Motor Stadium, Falköping
72 participants
6 coach
5 courses

What is GGN Training Camp?

• Location: Falköping Motor Stadium.
• 2-day camp.
• Several experienced coach.
• The substrate: Limestone, the same as on Tofta firing range.
• 5 webs stations for different training phases.
• Station suspension / web.
• Minimum age 16 years.
• Coach: Rickard Ahlin, Jörgen Claesson, Jakob Mörhed, Albin Elowson, Mats "Lap" Nilsson and Anders Olofsson


• Train for improved performance.
• Improving the running-technical ability.
• Increased security in the run.
• Higher roll speed.


Free camping at Falköping motor stadium. (Limited with power outlet.


• Laundry: Available in the area.
• Dressing: Available in the area.
• Possible storage in the machine hall.
• Lunch: The camp is for lunch Saturday and Sunday. (Notify food allergy).


The price for this weekend 2 500 incl. VAT 6%.

To participate

Sign up below and we will then reply with a confirmation and send an invoice for your participation. Please let us know if you are a beginner, a trainer or a competitor.

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