Our enduro competitions

Stångebro team

In the middle of the summer you can pick up a Stångebroslag in the Swedish Revolution Classics. Choose between the classes elite, exercise, veteran, electrician, military, youth or gold helmet. The application will open in October.

Vesivehmaa Grand National

Back 2019 is the Finnish Revolted Vesivehmaa Grand National. A race where you run for 3 hours on a 2 mile course.

GGN Training Camp

A 2-day camp back in September 2018 that takes your redirect to a new level. You practice 5 different courses with renowned leaders in the field, which will help you develop your driving.

Gotland Grand National

The weekend of 26-27 October 2018, you are welcome to Gotland and Tofta shooting fields and the 35 edition of Gotland Grand National.