1572 MTB Challenge

The MTB race runs the 3-4 Aug 2018 and then this year as a SM contest.

Saturday the 4 August 2018 is the time for the 1572 MTB Challenge with beautiful single tracks, fast forest roads, challenging climbs, beautiful cycling along the Vättern beaches, a top class competition center and a starting and target area that makes it easy for everyone. In addition, the race is one of Sweden's best seedlings for Cykelvasan.

The course is aimed at all types of skiers at any level. All trail sections are well groomed, but inviting nonetheless MTB-skiing at its best!

987 meters of altitude
2 500 homemade buns
1 000 starting places
23 km singeltrails
450 signs
Samuel Gustafvander

Long-term SM

for those elite and other competition classes

Saturday the 4 August is the start of the race with beautiful single tracks, fast forest roads, challenging climbs, beautiful cycling along the Vättern beaches, parties for the thought of Europe's stage race and one of Sweden's best seed cycles for Bicyclesvasan, as well as 2018 is included in the long run SM!

1572 MTB Challenge

for those exerciser

Saturday the 4 August everyone can cycle. Choosing the distance we think is important, choose between 40, 65 or 87 kilometers - regardless of distance you will pass the Nedralid fare, cycle on beautiful single tracks and end the race along the Vättern beaches.

Children's Obstacle & Lilac 1572

Children up to 14 years

Friday, 3 August with start time 18.00, we open the bicycle weekend and welcome all children up to 14 years to the Lilla 1572 family party! A 400 meter long course with the same professional starting and finishing range as for the big race. New for this year is that those who want to participate can also participate in Children's Hinderbana Saturday the 4 August. Everyone who participates gets a starting point for Lilla 1572 against presentation of a registration certificate.

Bike as a company

or register as a group

1572 MTB Challenge - Summer's Great Challenge for Your Business or Group! Everyone can join, choose between 40, 65 or 87 km. Close between the depots and after the finish, waiting for food, rest and lovely laughter. Please contact us and we will assist you with the notification and provide suggestions for good accommodation. We are also very interested in questions about bikes and equipment.

Join and experience the 1572 MTB Challenge

This trailer shows what experience 1572 MTB Challenge is. The course is aimed at all types of riders and there are several different classes to choose from.

  • 3-4 August 2018
  • Cycling along the Vättern beaches
  • Seedings for Bicycles
  • SM in Mountainbike

common questions & response

How do I apply?

To register, click on the notification and select the course you want to enroll. Then click "establish new account" and fill in your information. A confirmation will be sent via email to the specified email address immediately after payment has gone through.

Note that if you have already made a complaint to a race and want to sign up for a new you also where clicking on establishing new user when the races are separated in the system behind. But feel free to use the same log-in, so you have easy to remember, for all your accounts in the future.

I can not log in to my account?

It may be that you might not have an account. Try clicking "Create new account" and see if you can create an account with your personal data. If you already made a complaint to a race and want to sign up for a new you must also be there, click "Create new account" when the races are separated in the system behind. But feel free to use the same log-in so you easier to remember, for all your accounts in the future.

What does it cost?

Setup Fees for the different races:

1572 SM XCM Challenge 87 km
750 crowns all classes, competition and exercise, of 15 years.

MTB Challenge 1572, 65 km
750 crowns all classes, exercise and sports, from 15 years.

ICA Maxi MTB Challenge, 40 km
450 crowns, all classes, exercise and sports, from 10 years.

75 crowns, for all children up to 10 years.

Do I need a license to drive?

Yes, a license from the Swedish Cycling Federation is required to participate in the competition classes, but not for exercise classes. For Sport Class, you at registration to purchase a one-time license 200 crowns unless you have a valid license already.
More information about the licenses you get on the SCF website: SCF Licenses and Insurance

How does the cancellation insurance?

• The entire entry fee refunded on production of a medical certificate. Not valid for travel or accommodation in connection with the competition. The cancellation insurance can only be taken in connection with registration. Cancellation protection applies if the following occurs.

• Death, illness or accident of a serious nature, affecting your self, husband / wife, partner, your, or their parents, children, siblings or traveling companion.

• call up to military or civil defense.

• The occurrence of a serious event beyond your control, such as extensive fire or flooding in your home, which means that it is not reasonable to demand that you must honor your reservation. You must be able to prove the statements from doctors, government or insurance companies. Certificates received later than 7 days after the cancellation date will not be considered.

Seedning for Cycle Scales and SM Classes 87km?

Bike seedlings seedlings apply to the following classes:
65 & 87 km

Seeding for the SM-classes 87 km
Seeding is done by the SCF. More information in the memo that is added to the website during the month of July.

Youth over 10 years may attend the 40 km distance.

Application deadline?

Application deadline online is Saturday, 29 July. Then, you can sign up on the spot in the competition center on Friday 4 August at 15-20, or on the day of competition Saturday, 5 August at 07-11

What do I bring to the race number distribution?

An identification and a valid license (to you to be running in any of the competition classes).

Which star ages, the different races?

• Posttramped Kids, Friday the 3 August, at. 18.00

• 1572 SM-XCM Challenge 87 km, Saturday the 4 August August. 09.30

• 1572 MTB Challenge 65 km, Saturday the 4 August August. 10.20

• ICA MAXI MTB Challenge, 40 km, Saturday, 4 August, 11.05

For start times see invitation & PM. Exact times for the classes are put together with SCF on Friday and information is available on site,

How many stores are there?

For 87 km there are five depots (one depot is passed twice when actually six depots)
For 65 km there are five depots
For 40 km there are three depots


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Updated PM & Invitation 2017

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Invitation - PostNord tread 1572 Kids

Friday 4 th August, starting at 18, the day before the races for the adults, we invite all children up to 10 years to the family feast Post Klimattrampet 1572 ...


TREK is the main partner of 1572 MTB Challenge. When Richard Burke and Bevil Hogg founded Trek in a barn in Waterloo, Wisconsin 1976, dreaming not of one day locate production to Asia. Instead, they created exclusive road models to find its niche in 1970 century bike boom in the United States. Now, 40 years later, when most of the bike production has moved overseas, stays still trek to their "Made in the USA" philosophy!

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