Mike Brown from USA (Tennessee) ready for Gotland Grand National 2017!

Offroad legend takes on the world's biggest re-race on Gotland.

Mike Brown runs for Husqvarna Rockstar Racing in the United States, but Husqvarna Motorcycles Scandinavia has succeeded in persuading Mike to come to GGN 2017. He has won many titles in motocross and supercross, including twofold English champion and four-fold winner of X games. When he returned to enduro, 2008 has won six times the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE).

- I am very excited to be racing GGN this year. I have spoken to many people about the race and they had a great time and said the race was very fun. So looking forward to seeing and racing this event this year and racing with some friend I have over there! Thanks GGN for having me over this year, says Mike Brown.

"For us as an organizer, it will be really fun and exciting with some new names that come a long way away, and in this way we spread Gotland and GGN far from our little island in the Baltic," said Conny Bohlin CEO Nordic Sport & Event. In the last 6 years there have been foreign winners in GGN, the latest Swedish was Mats Nilsson who won 2010.

- Work in progress with 4 weeks left to get a few more top drivers to GGN. Some famous names are last year's winner Kenneth Gundersen, Kjetil Gundersen, Albin Elowson, Joakim Ljunggren, Adam Andersson, Jesper Jönsson, Ken Bengtsson, Rickard Hansson. On the side of the lady we see last year's victor Emmily Smalsjö, Emilia Reimander, Katrine Rye-Holmboe and some hot names are still on both ladies and men's side, Conny Bohlin summarizes this year's starting field right now.

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