Gotland Grand National 2017

Welcome to Tofta Skjutfält the 27-28 October!

In the following mailing we have collected the most important info before the competition. It is important that you as a driver read through this before the competition. Photo: Matilda Bodin

Welcome to Tofta Slide Fields the 27th and 28th of October!
In deze mail vindt u de meest belangrijke informatie over de race. That's why you must read this information before the competition.

Entrance card competitor

Click on the image / PDF: one below to print it (applies to driver + 1). Other accompanying buy entrance tickets at

Entrance card

Click on the picture / PDF down below to print (allows driver + 1). Additional tickets are purchases thruogh

Maps / Maps

Order your license plate stickers for GGN 2017

Nicely simple and easy to assemble! Get your start number and name printed on pre-cut number plate stickers! Choose the class you are driving to customize the background color and the color of the numbers. Then choose the color that you want. Beautiful mini number plates with your name and number are included.

Please note delivery time 3-7 days. Final Order Day 19 October. Promotional Price: 449: -

Order your number plate stickers for GGN 2017

Nice, simply and easily assembled! Get your start number and name printed on already cut license plates stickers. Choose the class you are in and we adjust your background color with the color of your number. Then you choose the décor color you want. Kleine nummerplaten met uw naam en nummer zijn inbegrepen als goed. NOTE the delivery time is 3 to 7 days. Last day to order is October 19th. Campaign price: 449 SEK