1572 MTB Challenge

Bicycle race in Motala 4-5 August with lovely singeltrails, fast gravel roads and beautiful cycling along the shore of Lake Vättern. As this year organizes långlopps SM. Choose between different classes and distances.

Gotland Grand National

The world's largest enduro competition Gotland Grand National run their 34 th year the 27-28 October. Choose between the elite, exercise, veteran, military, youth or golden helmet.

GGN Training Camp

A 2-day camp the 7-8 2017 October that takes your enduro riding to a new level. You are training on 5 different courses with renowned leader in enduro sport that best help you to develop your driving.

Classic Weekend

Welcome to the Classic Weekend on April 28 2018. Walk, jog, bike or run along the beautiful coast of Gotland and roads. A course for young people, athletes and elite.

Golfa Gotland Runt

The 13-17 May 2018 is again the day. Together with 640 other golfers, you can take one of Sweden's largest Golfa Gotland Runt competitions.

Stångebro team

In the summer of the 6-8 July 2018, you can pick up a Bar-Break in the Swedish Revolution Classics. Choose between the classes elite, exercise, veteran, electrician, military, youth or gold helmet.

GGN Training Camp

The camp for those who want to revert to a new level, 7-8 Oct 2017 in Falköping.

If you want to be a better reader, GGN Training Camp is the best camp for you. It will be a 2-day full-grown training weekend where you will be able to test a foundation like Gotland Grand National and work out with many experienced coaches.

1572 MTB Challenge

Team 1572 MTB Challenge organizes långlopps SM the 5 August in Motala.
The race with lovely singeltrails, fast forest roads, challenging climbs and cycling along the beautiful shores of Lake Vättern.

• Långlopps SM
• Seeding Race for CykelVasan
• Different classes and distances
• Post Klimattrampet 1572 Kids for the youngest

Gotland Grand National

This trailer shows the experience Gotland Grand National is. GGN is the world's largest enduro race offers the most. Like motocross and enduro then GGN a must for you and your friends.

• 3200 notified 2016
• 12 000 - 15 000 visitors
• 12-15 nations
• 800 functionaries

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