Stångebro team

We thank all the participants in this year's Stångebroslag and 25 anniversary, which became a success again. See more on results and pictures.

Desiré Östergren

Classic Weekend

Welcome to Classic Weekend the 25 August in Linköping and back on Gotland June 2019. A race for young people, athletes and elites.

GGN Training Camp

The camp for those who want to take your redemption to a new level, the 18-19 August 2018 in Falköping.

Gotland Grand National

Finally! Now you can sign up for the Gotland Grand National the 26-27 October 2018. The competition is now running for 35's year out on Tofta Skjutfält.

Vesivehmaa Grand National

VGN is a revolver for all ages and levels running in Finland. Back in May 2019.

Golfa Around Gotland

Golfa Around Gotland back the 12-16 May 2019. Play in 5 days with over 600 golfers on 5 different 18 hole courses around Gotland.

Classic Weekend, Linköping

Come and experience the folk party in Linköping where the Classic Weekend is going to be the same weekend as the city party has its final evening.

• 5, 10 km and half marathon
• Team and youth class
• Music and festivities
• Start & Goal SAAB Arena
• Brand new course

Gotland Grand National

Gotland Grand National (GGN) is the world's largest re-competition that offers the most. If you like cross and enduro then GGN is a must for you and your friends.

• 3200 notified 2017
• 12 000 - 15 000 visitors
• 12-15 nations
• 600 functionaries

Golfa Around Gotland

Golfa Around Gotland Back 12-16 May 2019!

• Over 600 participants
• 5 track + record
• 5 days golf
• One of the largest

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